Can you repeat the question, please?

Voice-imitator Guga Baúl makes his debut as a quizmaster in ‘Kan u de vraag nog eens herhalen? / Can you repeat the question, please?’, a unique mixture of quiz, comedy and an archive show.
His colleague and comedian Gunter Lamoot assists him, interspersing with original montages and sharp comments.
What’s unique about this quiz is that all questions have been asked on television before, since they all have been found in the rich history of Flemish television. From ancient quizzes, such as ‘Het rad van fortuin (Wheel of fortune)’ and ‘De juiste prijs (The price is right)’, to mega earners like ‘Wie wordt multimiljonair  (Who wants to be a millionaire)’ or timeless classics like ‘Blokken’ (Blockx).
Those who have paid careful attention in the past 25 years while watching TV should, in fact, already know all the answers.
The contestants compete for a place in the finale, where a fair amount of money is at stake. So, it’s a serious quiz with dedication, yet spiced up by Gunter’s jokes.
Therefore, ‘Kan u de vraag nog eens herhalen? / Can you repeat the question, please?’ is much more than just a quiz, it is a varied mixture of game, comedy, original discoveries in our archives, legendary bloopers and surprising clips.