Project Axel (VIER)

In this series, 5 homeless people try to get their lives back on track through intense guiding and with the help of a team of specialized caretakers.
These people who have been living on the streets of Antwerp for quite some time, have the opportunity to reach out to a team of counsellors during the 6 months of this project.
To help them break the vicious circle, they receive 10.000 euro that they will have to manage and spend reasonably in order to change their lives substantially.

Axel Daeseleire (48), also living in Antwerp, helps them through this process from beginning to end.  He stands beside them through the challenges and deceptions, supports them whenever they struggle.

Project Axel will be on air from October, 23rd on channel ‘VIER’

Format based on the Dutch ‘The Amsterdam Project’ by Kalemami.