The Chosen Ones (VTM)

After two successful series, Nicholas can call himself the most famous magician in Flanders without a blush. He introduced street magic on Flemish television and astounded young and old on the streets, on the beach, during festivals and in many other places at home and abroad.
However, this time around, Nicholas goes about it in an entirely different way. He surprises unsuspecting people with magic and treats them to a magical experience where they would never have expected one. They never see Nicholas in person. He performs tricks from a distance or in disguise. That way, he can be one step ahead of his subjects, so that they can be confronted with his abilities impartially all over again.

This new way of performing magic requires a different approach. Surreptitiously and anonymously he slipped people an invitation. Without any further explanation, they were invited to subscribe for a television adventure. From all entries, Nicholas selected a few candidates, his chosen ones. For them he came up with personalised tricks, tailor-made magic. But they had no clue at all that Nicholas had anything to do with it.
This way, Nicholas provides his chosen ones with magical moments and beautiful surprises. And to astound people, that’s still Nicholas’ main objective.