True Winners (VTM)

In ‘True Winners’, host Koen Wauters helps in each episode one person  with a physical disability or a lifethreatening disease, to realize what they think has become impossible:
Hannelore walks the Inca trail in Peru.  She lost her 2 legs in an accident 3 years ago.
Kiara is partially blind.  All of her friends have a driving licence exept for her.  Her goal: to drive a car at the race track in Zolder
Inge is in a wheel chair.  Her goal: to participate in a dance contest for wheel chair dancing in Frankfurt (Germany) performing a sensual dance.
Peter has cystic fibrosis.  His goal: an ultimate bicycle tour in Hawaï
Sven has multiple sclerosis.  His goal: a trip through the desert of Jordan.

Broadcaster: VTM Belgium
Production, distribution: Lecter Media
Premiere date: Monday, 4 September 2017, 20:35PM